A Silver Lining

The election season from hell has come to a close, and Satan is having a toast with his minions as I write this. As this particular Election Day incited much dread and hysteria among the masses, the final result does have fruit to bear, and that fruit has some sweet god damn juice.

Sure, progression and compassion fell short to regression and hate. Ignorance and arrogance toppled understanding and humility. People are deeply fearful for the first time probably ever in regards to the safety and security of our country and themselves due to an elected American leader (president). It’s a depressing reality and it appears many will wake up every morning dreading to hear what President Trump is doing/has done. (Typing “President Trump” feels so unnatural and downright sinful)

But check this shit out.

We could very well find ourselves at the beginning of a rare golden era of art and music and creation and inspiration. People will be inspired on a whole new level to make incredible music, drawings, paintings, sculptures, books, movies, and everything else. There is no reason not to think we couldn’t muster up another era like the 1960’s in terms of powerful reform and art that reaches a sea of like-minded people. People can unify and find that common bond in their despair about this potential land mine of a decision and work together to bring about change. That change can be channeled in so many ways from simply just being kind to the people you see on a daily basis, to making the next fucking Abbey Road.

This is the time for inspiration.

Also let’s be honest for a second: if Hillary won, many people would be happy happy happy just like when Obama won and history would be made and life would be great and people would sing their praises from the rooftops. That’s all well and good, but would her winning inspire people? I mean REALLY inspire people? I think it would’ve caused a great wave of relief and comfort, but I don’t think it’d make people want to actively make change and extra efforts to express themselves like it likely will with this Trump victory. People (the not racist, not sexist, progressive-minded kind) would likely live much more at peace, but would we be extra motivated to get our asses up and use whatever talents we have to make some kind of change? Would we forget about this election in a handful of months and just say, “thank God” and continue living our lives without the extra frustration to force us to do something different and progressive? At least with this result we can be angrily motivated to be a change that distracts us from the reality of these next four years.

In the words of Cosmic Charlie himself, every silver lining has a touch of grey. We will survive…